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[Hip-Hop] Kaelin Ellis – Ain’t You Mad feat. Guapdad 4000, Buddy, and Kenny Mason

Kaelin Ellis brings us the new single “Ain’t You Mad,” featuring Guapdad 4000, Buddy, and Kenny Mason, announcing the second release from his anticipated album You Are Here, Start. via Fool’s Gold Records.

The single “Ain’t You Mad” presents a unique blend of rough and raw edges with a mix of alternative hip-hop, crafted to draw in listeners with its eclectic sound. The collaboration of Guapdad 4000, Buddy, and Kenny Mason adds an exciting layer centered around hip-hop.

Ellis opened his latest musical venture with the release “Celebration” featuring Tobi & Anomalie last month, which combined smooth jazz elements with a distinct electronic flair. Growing up in Lakeland, FL, Ellis absorbed influences from Gospel, Madlib, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus, weaving together funk, hip-hop, and electronic vibes with an experimental jazz twist.

With over a decade in the music industry and Multi-Platinum status, Ellis has worked with artists like Lupe Fiasco, Joyce Wrice, and K-Pop giants EXO. His behind-the-scenes collaborations span an impressive list including Monte Booker and Kaytranada. Ellis also engages his growing Twitch audience by streaming his creative process and has collaborated with brands like Ford and Apple on various projects.

Ellis’s impact extends through his music reaching audiences on platforms like HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon. His track record includes performing at prestigious venues and festivals, contributing to his bright outlook for 2024. His contributions to the music world are acknowledged by leading media outlets like NPR Music and Complex Magazine, proving his influence and reach in the industry continue to grow.

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