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[Pop] Kaerhart – Losing My Mind

Losing My Mind

One of our favorite pop creatives, Kaerhart, has come in hot with a powerful message. Through her emotionally transofrmative single “Losing My Mind” Kaerhart sums up modern angst and frustration in a unique, cathartic way. Instead of dwelling, she proposes to let loose.

“Losing My Mind” touches on the cultural injustices that blanket our every day struggles. It’s an uplifting take on the situation that will have you motivated to let it all hang out so you can take on the world. The moombah inspired instrumental gives the record heavy dance elements while Kaerhart belts away with her captivating vocal. Not only on its face is it a poppin’ Summer hit, but it comes with a message. You’ll want to find room in your Spotify playlist for this one.

PS, check out Kaerhart’s clothing line, ladies!

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[Indie Cover] Kaerhart – For What It’s Worth

For What It's Worth

Buffalo Springfield’s iconic single “For What It’s Worth” is a timeless record. It didn’t need an update, but we’re glad it got one from the singer Kaerhart. Her dark, poppy take is totally different than the original, but we all recognize those powerful lyrics.

Kaerhart’s performance of the song is phenomenal and DEAD ROBOT’s production is equally as magnificent. Together their ethereal sound lures you into its web of sound and you let yourself get wrapped up in it without hesitation. Kaerhart is one of those artists that is going to have a big year in 2018. She just launched her project a few months ago, so expect a lot more to come from her in the coming months.

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[Pop] Kaerhart – Drain My Love

Drain My Love

Today in the dojo we’ve got a debut single to share with you from Kaerhart. The songwriter, who has worked for the likes of Vic Mensa, is stepping out into the spotlight with her own project and we’re all about it. Her first single “Drain My Love” is anything but average.

Kaerhart is no stranger to writing a great song, which is exactly what she did here. The single is liberating on multiple levels and is just the right first step for Kaerhart to grab everyone’s attention. She certainly has ours. The hybrid original is one of our favorite releases in the past few months and may just end up on our best of 2017 at the end of the year. It’s that good.

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