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[R&B/Soul] Kendall Morgan – Undertow

Kendall Morgan
Undertow (Prod. Llamabeats)

Let Kendall Morgan take you into the weekend with the mega chiller “Undertow” that just came out. The independent Nashville starlet has seduced us with her soulful original and we’ve got this one in repeat in the dojo.

“Undertow” is a smooth mix of soul and contemporary R&B, in a nutshell. However, what makes this song so special is the subtle nuances it has from other genres, mostly taken from electronic music. In utilizing things like subtle wobbles and spacey synths, it juxtaposes and otherworldly feel with a down to Earth sound. The producer Llamabeats really did something unique with the instrumental, but when it comes down to it the highlight is Kendall’s performance. Together they make quite a team and “Undertow” is a magnificent piece of music.

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