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[Chill] Free n Losh – Kill My Lonely (ft. Allan Rayman)

Free n Losh
Kill My Lonely (ft. Allan Rayman)

It has been a minute since we posted some fresh Free n Losh, but we’re always amped when we do because these guys absolutely kill it. Every single tune of theirs is well above The Music Ninja’s expectations, affecting us in ways we never before thought possible.

Their music captivates listeners with releases that share a common trait, one which embodies a soulful sound that brims with unmistakable passion. This facet is evident in the duo’s latest original, “Kill My Lonely,” which reaches an undiscovered level of artistry as they lock in in the flawless vocals of Allan Rayman. His heartfelt voice has listeners hanging onto every single word, creating an effect of intimacy and connectivity to the music.

“Kill My Lonely” is nothing short of beautiful. Its gentle textures provoke feelings of sadness, but it is the sort of sadness that nourishes us; the type of sadness that reminds us that we are human. So go ahead and allow yourself to get down with your emotions by checking out their latest.

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