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[17 To End ’17] Ninja Ash’s Best of the Year

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Nite Jewel‘s Real High, full of lush instrumentation and flawless percussion, is meant for late night listening–“Obsession” captivates with its sensual atmosphere.

Gabriel Garzón-Montanos unique take on soul made for one of the most captivating albums of the year. “Fruitflies” is an earworm of a track that tells a heartbreaking, deeply human story that needed to be heard in 2017.

“Baybee” captures everything I love so much about Jay Som‘s 2017 debut Everybody Works–dreamy, expansive and larger-than-life.

Slowdive‘s first album back in over 2 decades is a transformative masterpiece and “Star Roving” exemplifies its beautiful vastness.

We might be a bit biased since we premiered his first track on TMN Radio earlier this year, but Still Woozy may be the artist I’m most excited for in 2017. “Cooks” displays just how much emotion and soul he pack into a quirky, playful tune. Continue reading

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 97: Ash’s Best of 2017

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #97: Ash's Best of 2017

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We had a very rare episode to close out 2017 featuring all my favorite tunes of the year and a special guest appearance from former co-host Ninja Dom, in town from London. I started this playlist with about 12 hours worth of music and ended up focusing on tracks from my favorite albums of the year. To round it all out, I mixed together 11 of my favorite 2017 house tracks. We have some even more comprehensive end of year lists from our staff coming to the website later this week so stay locked. Thanks to everyone and anyone who rocked with Music Ninja Radio in 2017! – Ash

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[Hip Hop] Archy Marshall – Arise Dear Brother

Archy Mashall
Arise Dear Brother

So remember that suave red-head that busted on the scene as King Krule a bit ago and totally killed it? Well the English based man behind the art, Archy Marshall, has released the EP A New Place 2 Drown recently with his brother Jack, and it is incredible. This album was an instant hit with our team, reminding us of his earlier works with much more finesse and expression than previously. “Arise Dear Brother,” the third track on the album, is the one that really brought us in.

The song starts out with a dreamy guitar riff and some other abstract sounds that beckon us in to the waiting lobby Marshall sets up. Just before you fall into the downward chill spiral, a deep and sharp bass and beat come and slap you to your senses and into a whole new downtempo hip hop world you go. Archy’s vocals tie it all together at this point and what we’ve got is a really, really great new artist. Be sure to give this entire EP a listen. You won’t be disappointed. Excuse us while we go listen to this on repeat.

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