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[Multi-Genre] F.O.O.L – Knight EP

When F.O.O.L drops something, you listen. When it’s dropped on Monstercat, like his Knight EP, you should be even more eager to lend your ears to what the Swede created. His four tracks range in genres from electro, to dubstep, then he brings down the BPMs to the midtempo range to close things out.

F.O.O.L comes on strong with the explosive “Bounty Hunter” that straight shreds for an electro house track. Few tracks of this nature and quality have been released in a long, long time. Next, the title track brings the fire in a similar manner with a complex arrangement that keeps the energy at a high intensity. For the last half of the EP, F.O.O.L slows things down and shows off a different side of his creative abilities. “Fairytaler” is a dreamy dubstep tune and “Distorted Reality” is genre-defying song that is pretty vibey for a Euro bass track. If you would like to purchase the EP, you can do so on iTunes.

’F.O.O.L – Bounty Hunter’
’F.O.O.L – Knight’
’F.O.O.L – Fairytaler’
’F.O.O.L – Distorted Reality’
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