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[Wave] KTrek – Ahri

KTrek is setting the wave genre ablaze with his remarkable streaming success and a knack for energizing sold-out events. With over 3 million streams from his hit “Lohka” and an impressive total of more than 6 million streams across all his work, KTrek has proven his ability to resonate deeply with fans. His music, celebrated on prestigious labels such as Lowly/Trap Nation, DEKTORA, and Harmony Haven, continuously have strong stickiness due the music just being a down-right good vibe.

Recently, KTrek dropped his latest single “Ahri,” first unveiled during a thrilling back-to-back performance with REMNANT.exe at the Ogden Theater and later at the bustling Wave Night with Ravenscoon. This track marks KTrek’s exciting debut in vibe.digital’s impressive catalog. “Ahri” combines epic percussion with serene melodies and a distinct sonic personality that instantly grabs the listener.

The track itself is a standout, masterfully merging a festival-ready aura with peaceful harmonies, creating a journey filled with rich, immersive environments and refined production techniques. The robust percussion and ethereal music blend to evoke a relaxing trance-like state, welcoming listeners into a other-worldly experience. This combination of powerful percussion and gentle melodies illustrates KTrek’s skilled hand in the studio, which is both challenging to execute and rewarding to witness.

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