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Taylor Thomas – Heartbreaker ft. Lauren Cole [TMN Premiere]

Taylor Thomas
Heartbreaker ft. Lauren Cole

There’s a new act on the scene that we have the pleasure of introducing to you in this Music Ninja Premiere. Taylor Thomas of Dallas is taking his first step with his project, and it’s a big one. His single “Heartbreaker” is a hybrid bass production that is complete with vocals from Laruen Cole. You can’t really ask for a better first song from an artist. “Heartbreaker” shows not only the technical aptitude of a seasoned producer, but also the creative ability of someone who’s looking to forge their own space in the industry and not simply feed off a sub-par popularized sound. From beginning to end, Taylor’s composition on this track is absolutely stunning, going from soft piano all the way up to hard-pressed bass aggression. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do, and stay up on this dude, as he’s surely got more fire in the chambers. Before you leave, don’t forget to grab the limited time free download!

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