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[Electronic] JAHKOY – Let It Be

Let It Be

When sifting through SoundCloud to find new music, the best moment is to find a song that you can’t pinpoint a specific genre to because it is so creative. My latest discovery was JAHKOY. The Canadian jack-of-all-trades produces, sings, and song-writes tracks that combine influences from pop, dance, and even hip-hop.

His latest single to hit the Internet, “Let It Be,” is a true demonstration of this young producer’s artistic abilities. JAHKOY‘s slick bass quivers and shimmering synth melodies provide the perfect stage for his voice to shine above the rest. His lyrics are brisk like a hip-hop rhyme master while at the same time as catch as a pop singer. Overall, JAHKOY is an impressive talent to recently surface in music and definitely deserves the “follow” on Soundcloud because it seems like he is just getting started.

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