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[R&B/Soul] Darci – Life


“Life” by Darci is a melting pot of hip-hop, R&B and soul. Its creation, according to the description taken from Soundcloud, stemmed from Darci getting kicked off a yacht. Let the haters hate Darci says, because all they do is motivate. This track is for both the haters and the lovers of Darci.

Darci delivers a slow-burner track, one that is undoubtedly hot, but keeps up an ethereal, mellow vibe throughout. Fall has just begun and tracks like this are starting to come out, but they’re not all going to be as good as this one. “Life” not only blends the aforementioned genres fluidly, but is a song that exemplifies a true underground nature while also being something accessible to radio listeners. It’s certainly something you’ll want to grab a copy of.

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TV Show Soundtracks: 'Life' Season 2 Finale:

Music from tv show life

It is always great when a television series wraps an entire season with a satisfying final episodes that produces more answers then questions – (hint, hint Lost!). If you are a fan of Life, you will notice that apart from excellent writing, they also have an outstanding song selection every episode, and episode “One” was no exception. Here is a list of some of the songs from that episode:

oneplusoneIntro: Roman is talking to Reese:
“A new beginning” – 26

”A new beginning”

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The Trade:
“Afterlight” by Clay Hill.


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Original air: Release and disposal.
“More Than Alive” by Hayden. (Great Song)

”More Than Alive”

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NBC Rewind:Release and disposal.
“Lifelong Lullaby” by Will Derryberry

”Lifelong Lullaby”

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Gansta rap music that Roman was listening to in the car before he **Spoiler**:
“King Ring” by Seryoga

”King Ring”

Source:damianlewisweb.com (fan site)

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