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[Electronic] OBLVYN & Roseanna – Lifetime

The Edmonton gem that is OBLVYN has teamed up with the singer/actress Roseanna for the emotionally melodic “Lifetime.” Co-written with Lena Leon, this memorable jam is as fun as it is impactful. OBLVYN and Roseanna make a perfect match for a nostalgic original that conjures some retro styles blended with futuristic sensibilities.

“Lifetime” is one of those EDM songs that my mom would call “Music-ey” in that even from the start you can sense the level of compositional talent immediately. Strong composition really can take you far even without other elements executed well, but luckily OBLVYN and Roseanna bring even more to the table to deliver a stunning record that certainly belongs in your playlists as the weather – hopefully – begins to cool soon.

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