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[Rock] Shiny Wet Machine – Lights Out B-Sides

There’s one group of rockers that stands out to us among the rest and that is Shiny Wet Machine. On April 25th the duo dropped their debut EP, Lights Out, on Diet Punk, but on June 22nd they released the b-sides of their project. Even though they’re just b-sides, they are well worth the listen.

Four tracks were cut from the EP, but they could have made it on if SWM was going for an album. We love when people release b-sides, because sometimes there are some gems that get lost through the filtering process. Shiny Wet Machine aren’t about filters though. Punk lives and breathes through them, so jumping back to the time when b-sides were more common isn’t something that is all that surprising. We’re glad they did this, because now we have four more rockin’ records to enjoy from two of our favorite musicians.

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[Rock] Shiny Wet Machine – Lights Out EP

Our favorite rock & rollers are finally here with their debut EP, Lights Out. Shiny Wet Machine have been unveiling this EP one track at a time, but all of them are hear now and available through the band’s online store. Released through Sizzy Rocket’s label Diet Punk, this five song project brings the heat, as well as a whole lot of punk attitude.

Lights Out kicks things off with two of our favorite records, “Euphoria” and “Stun Gun” which came out as singles before the EP. If you missed out on those treasures, no worries, they’re here for you today. The newly released “Spectrum” comes in at #3 on the tracklist, a more jam-driven record whose downtempo pace gives us a different stride on the overall project. “Chemical” picks things back up with it’s all out sound, one that ends quickly, like an explosion of pure punk. Lastly, “Hospitals” closes out the project as the most chill one. Overall, this EP is as good as it gets.

’Stun Gun’
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[Trap] PatrickReza – Lights Out (Feat. Abhi the Nomad)

Lights Out (Feat. Abhi the Nomad)

One of the artists we always look forward to hearing from is PatrickReza. 2017 is set to be an incredible year for the young producer who has put out quality single after single. He continues his stride with his newest original, “Lights Out” featuring Abhi the Nomad.

With electronic music increasingly melding the hip-hop/pop world into its belly, we’re going to get a lot more records like this one. The only thing is, a lot of them will not be this good. Patrick shows yet again why he deserves to be on everyone’s radar, while Abhi does the same with his performance on this one. “Lights Out” has an interesting sound; it is tailored to the trap style, but doesn’t hold itself completely to it. Patrick puts his own flavor in, with the result being something spectacular. Not only is it a memorable piece of music, but it is available for free.

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