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Limbic Void – The Alternate Life EP [TMN Premiere]

Start Friday off right with an exclusive first listen here in the dojo. We’re premiering The Alternate Life EP by Limbic Void right here, right now. The four tracks project features collaborators Iben Bjørg Anton and Anne Lene Hägglund who spice up the EP with their vocal contributions.

The Alternate Life hearkens back to more classic sounds from electronic music. The Euro-inspired EP is a magnificent combination of these OG influences with new age sounds and textures. This mix of sounds – as well as styles – makes for a timeless treat that is an easy listen from start to finish. We were ready for this project after hearing the title track and Limbic Void didn’t disappoint.

’The Alternate Life (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)’
’Oh Jimmy (feat. Anne Lene Hägglund)’
’No Emergencies’
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[Electronic] Limbic Void – The Alternate Life (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Limbic Void
The Alternate Life (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Limbic Void of Norway has an EP coming out soon entitled The Alternate Life. The title track featuring Iben Bjørg Anton has hit the web to give us a taste of what’s to come. If the rest of the EP is anything like this song, it’s going to end up in our digital library here in the dojo.

“The Alternate Life” is a mellow electronic single that brings the darker side of pop into the mix. Limbic Void paints a potent picture with his backdrop for Iben whose performance leads the track with fervor. Together their sounds work together extraordinarily for a result that you’ll be playing over and over again. The single is currently out on iTunes but will be included in LV’s EP to come.

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Saturday Selection Vol. 2

Saturday Selection

As we continue to dig deeper throughout the internet for music, we can get blindsided (in a good way) by a sound or voice we’ve never heard before. Maybe it’s a new style of production or a groove you can’t quite figure out the finer details of. It could even be a remix that completely reshapes your initial feelings of a song. Whatever it may entail, that slight bit of confusion or excitement you feel is the exact moment you know when you’re on to something. It’s a wonderful revelation, and that’s what this playlist is all about. Time to explore!


Diveliner – Catwalk

It’s been a little over a year since we covered Diveliner last, and the wait was certainly worth it. Diveliner thrives in almost total anonymity, and his newest effort reflect his ability to cut through saturated sounds and build up his own monumental creation. The jarring and filtered vocals scatter across the shadowy production with a robotic flourish. It would almost be disconcerting if it wasn’t so well-made. If you’re looking for something conventional in Diveliner, you won’t find it. That’s exactly what makes his mystery his own. Luckily, he has an EP on the way, and “Catwalk” is an encouraging second addition to his upcoming project.


Chet Porter – tbh ily (Kidswaste Remix)

Even as Moving Castle continues to explode in size and popularity, they’ve found their sound and stuck with it for a few years now. Recently, Kidswaste has hopped on board, and his first release with the label is a charming and melodic remix of Chet Porter. It reworks all of the best elements of Chet’s gorgeous original into a slightly more upbeat and orchestral tune, while simultaneously allowing the power and precision of Kidswaste’s talent shine through. It’s really just a nice listen and has an undeniable replay value. If you dig it, be sure to treat yourself to the free download also!

Limbic Void

Limbic Void – Little Boy

Some memories are nice. Other are not. Limbic Void constructs “Little Boy” around the latter. It’s really quite an interesting juxtaposition. Even with boisterous production, the lyrics paint a different picture entirely. He sings about a time he wasn’t proud of. That isn’t easy to do. He encapsulates a past pain into something beautiful, and it’s honestly made us do some reflecting of our own. Be on the lookout for his EP dropping on May 26th.


SiR – Tricky (Prod. Rascal)

Everything about this tune by SiR is phenomenal. From the slick production of Rascal, to the smooth delivery of every pining line, “Tricky” is a triumph. If you’re in need of an excellent late night song, stop right here and hit play. It’s the kind of track that provides an instant calm. Everything slows down and seems much less complicated. You begin to get caught up in the moment. It’s exceptional. End your day right with “Tricky” and absorb every subtle nuance of this sleek SiR invention.


The Blancos – Wild Child

The Blancos are a wild bunch, as clearly stated by the name of their most recent release. Having premiered with Pigeons & Planes earlier this week, this duo continues the wonderful blurring of lines between genres that more and more artists have taken to applying. With a little bit of rock, alternative, and even a tinge of blues, The Blancos swagger can’t and won’t be stopped. “Wild Child” explores the feelings of an outcast with a grit that is oddly welcoming, and most people catch themselves relating to this sort of thought process at some point in their life. Why not enjoy a great song to soundtrack it with while you’re at it?

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[Electro-Pop] Limbic Void – The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Limbic Void
The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Norwegian producer Limbic Void and Danish vocalist Iben Bjørg Anton are a spectacular team. Artists with smaller followings continue to provide a myriad of songs that shape a community of forward thinking style and structure, and these two have devised a glistening electronic pop marvel titled “The Doghouse” that substantiates this exact point. Iben Bjørg Anton’s voice carries a resemblance to Lana Del Rey, albeit with a considerably less bleak delivery and approach. It’s here where the tune finds its footing, and the weight of the brooding production by Limbic Void crashes around her voice with grit and gusto. Alternative and electronic pop cover an expansive spectrum, and this cold, calculated sector of it obtained a significant new addition with “The Doghouse.”

Limbic Void has already been producing for a couple of years, which is evident of his SoundCloud history, and his refined construction of this song speaks volumes to his capabilities and potential. We were lucky enough to have this sent to us yesterday, and it’s been in heavy rotation since. If you catch yourself enjoying it, be sure to explore the sunnier side of his work by listening to the insanely catchy Grandstander, where he even provides his own vocals. With all that being said, be sure to show Limbic Void any support you can and enjoy the tune above!

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