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[Chill/House] Little Giants – Lately (Love, Love, Love)

Little Giants
Lately (Love, Love, Love)

When Little Giants comes up in conversation now, it won’t be for the 1994 Rick Moranis film anymore. Now, it will be for the UK trio who make heavenly tunes. At least, we’re counting on them to have more than just their debut beauty “Lately (Love, Love Love).” Dan Hall, Sam James and Luke Adams will give you shivers with their original single. It’s a perfect combination of different qualities: chill, housey, a little deep and acoustic. Little Giants partnered with Epic Amsterdam for this baby that could very easily take over online charts, and the even the radio for that matter. They already have had domain over in the land of Youtube, but now they are making a break elsewhere as an established act. “Lately (Love Love Love)” has got to only be the first of many solid records for these three.

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