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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 305)

Unfortunately we don’t have another long weekend ahead of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Today is Friday and we’re saying goodbye to the week and entering into a time where we recharge our batteries whether through relaxation, partying or a mix of both. Given the fact that you are reading this now, we’d have to venture a guess and say you want to party at least a little bit. To aid you in your endeavor we’ve gathered twelve free downloads, as well as a new track from Notixx that we just had to include despite it now following our free download rules. Other records come from creatives like JEANIE, Statik Link, JACKNIFE, LondonBridge, Matroda, Jace Mek, and many more including a collaboration between PEEKABOO and G-REX. Enough talking though, let’s party!

REX – Babatunde’
’Nonstop (Statik Link Remix)’
’Notixx – Let Me Go’
’Habstrakt – Vibin (JACKNIFE Recut)’
’Matroda x Jace Mek – Kicks’
’LondonBridge – Sex Machine’
’Khalifa Cyrus – I Found’
’Matroda – H8TERS’
’A Boy & A Girl – Burn It To The Ground’
’INF1N1TE – Overrun’
’PIERCE – Death Note’
’Casey Jones x BARE IT – Today’
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[House] LondonBridge – Sound Of The Underground: The Remixes

LondonBridge has arrived with Sound Of The Underground: The Remixes and it is a house head’s dream come true. This collection of three remixes is just the right mix of sounds to augment the already spectacular original “Sound Of The Underground” that dropped on the EP with the same name.

If you haven’t checked out the clubby original, we’ve got you covered below alongside the remixes. First we start out with TYPE3‘s electro infused beast that has the most oomph on the project. Morelia comes next with an undeniably unique take that is unlike most of the house music that comes through the dojo. Lastly Zendlo takes us home with a deep and techy flip to round out the EP. All together these are just the remixes that LondonBridge’s original needed. What makes this project even better is each remix is available as a free download!

’LondonBridge – Sound Of The Underground’
Sound Of The Underground (TYPE3 Remix)’
Sound Of The Underground (Morelia Remix)’
Sound Of The Underground (Zendlo Remix)’
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Londonbridge X Lliam Taylor – Creepin’ [TMN Premiere]

LondonBridge + Lliam Taylor

There’s no need to go door to door tonight, we’ve got treats for you right here in the dojo. One of them comes to us from Londonbridge and Lliam Taylor who are “Creepin'” with their IN / ROTATION release. Get ready to get groovy for Halloween with this spooky house delight.

“Creepin'” isn’t what you’d expect. It’s not ghouls or goblins or any type of monster that is creeping – this one is all about something we’ve all done, social media creeping. It’s a humorous track despite it’s deep shadowed style. It’s a club ready heater that we have the honor of sharing with you first in this premiere. Put your costume on, turn up the speakers and celebrate Halloween with all of us right here, right now. Make sure to grab a copy of the single from digital stores and check out the b-side to this one!

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[House] London Bridge – Jiggling Baby

Jiggling Baby

Los-Angeles based LondonBridge is starting to make a name for themselves in the LA beat scene and it doesn’t look like they’re showing any signs of slowing. Gathering a following through LA’s hottest Tuesday night party Space Yacht, LondonBridge is dropping tracks that any fan of house music would eat up– particularly those who are fans of the Dirtybird-inspired surge in funk and dirty-bass music. So fans of Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin or Shiba San: give this a listen or five. You won’t be disappointed. Complete with consistent deep bass and suave vocals of a man saying strange things about babies, flip on this track and rhythmically bounce step your way into any party. And then start jiggling. Jiggling like you jiggled before kale was a thing.

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