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[Pop] Aliana Lohan – All Around Me

Aliana Lohan returns with an 80’s inspired gem called “All Around Me.” The energetic love song follows up her dance-friendly original “Already Home” that was released at the end of last year. Both tracks showcase a strong evolution of Aliana’s infectious sound.

“All Around Me” feels alluring and sexy while maintaining its captivating essence from start to finish. Aliana’s powerful performance is a bright contrast to the darkened production that gives this song an almost brooding dance pop feel. The single is an excellent addition to her growing catalog, one that feels like it restarted with her song “Without You” that’s approaching one million Spotify streams.

Expect more music as she moves towards her EP release!

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[House] Dainjazone & Redfoo – Long Live Party Rock

There’s no escaping Party Rock, even after over ten years. Now, “Long Live Party Rock” is here to continue the legend thanks to Dainjazone and the epic return of LMFAO’s Redfoo.

“Long Live Party Rock” is a festival anthem through and through. It’s a party song. It’s pure energy with a touch of that LMFAO sound that took over the airwaves for years. Dainjazone’s production adds some contemporary elements and style, while Redfoo delivers on his signature sound.

Redfoo has been turning down feature opportunities from multi-platinum selling artists over the last 6 years. I recorded myself rapping half the lyrics over my production and sent it to him with an invite to be on the track. He instantly fell in love with it and in fact added more lyrics to make it better.” – Dainjazone

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