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Looking Back: Non-2009 Experimental/Pop/Indie Songs Playlist Vol.2

Electric President -S/T

ElectricPresidentRepresenting Jacksonville, Florida Ben Cooper and Alex Kane are creators of the softly electric indie pop duo Electric President. Their first album S/T is considered one of the greatest collections of electronica songs from this decade with amazing playful soft songs like Insomnia and Ten Thousand Lines. There music sounds like The Postal Service, Styrofoam and Anticon’s cLOUDDEAD.

Electric President – Insomnia

’02 Insomnia.mp3′

Electric President – Ten Thousand Lines

(0310) Ten Thousand Lines.mp3′

B. Fleischmann.

bfleischmannThere is something very calming about Austrian musician Bernhard Fleischmann‘s “Buzz” from the solo album A Choir of Empty Beds. Although the percussions have a fast pace, the over extended synthesized melodies soften the over all tempo of the song. His drumming background is transparent in his music, creating a fusion of percussion and electronics.
B Fleischmann – Buzz

’B Fleischmann buzz.mp3′

The Never

The Never MusicI do not think many people have heard of these guys, a shame really. The Never is made up of Noah Smith and brothers Jonny and Joah Tunnell. Based in Chapel Hill, NC on Trekky Records Label, The Never make melodic rock and pop music. In 2006, the band released “Antarctica: A Storybook Record,” a concept album accompanied by a fully illustrated 50-page storybook written and painted by Noah Smith – last.fm

The Never – Cavity


Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat

While they are not remotely obscure anymore, I remember listening to Goodnight Goodnight for the first time and be blown away by how different they sounded to anything that was playing on the radio in 2005. Songs like these were the reasons for me to start The Music Ninja. Like I have said before I was not into the whole “music blog/music discover” up until a 2 year ago and I am using the site and posts like these to show people amazing songs that are not being talked about anymore just because its not the latest and greatest. Hot Hot Heat is an indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and plan to release their next album in 2010.

Hot Hot Heat – Goodnight Goodnight



firekites musicThe Xx remind me a lot of Firekites, without being too minimalists. A good combination of dim guitar notes, keyboard, percussion and layers of voices make “Same Suburb Different Park” a such ‘feel-good’ song. A couple of glitches sprinkled here and there just barely make it into the electronica category, other wise it will just be considered acoustic folk pop.

Firekites – Same Suburb Different Park


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[Looking Back] Carpark North – Human

I stumbled across this song today as I was shuffling through my music collection and I can’t believe its been so long since I had first listen to Human by Carpark North. This song was by far my favorite song for a good while and it is a shame that there has not been any new releases from this Danish band.

The songs marching rhythms and engaging riffs really make you want to tear some shit up. Martin De Thurah, director of the music video did an excellent job capturing the emotions conveyed in the song.

Carpark North – Human



Carpark North - Human

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