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[Pop] Kaerhart – Losing My Mind

Losing My Mind

One of our favorite pop creatives, Kaerhart, has come in hot with a powerful message. Through her emotionally transofrmative single “Losing My Mind” Kaerhart sums up modern angst and frustration in a unique, cathartic way. Instead of dwelling, she proposes to let loose.

“Losing My Mind” touches on the cultural injustices that blanket our every day struggles. It’s an uplifting take on the situation that will have you motivated to let it all hang out so you can take on the world. The moombah inspired instrumental gives the record heavy dance elements while Kaerhart belts away with her captivating vocal. Not only on its face is it a poppin’ Summer hit, but it comes with a message. You’ll want to find room in your Spotify playlist for this one.

PS, check out Kaerhart’s clothing line, ladies!

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