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[House] option4 ft. Rose Quartz – Love Is Lonely

option4 ft. Rose Quartz
Love Is Lonely

Today we share with you a special sadboy anthem. For all the girls out there, don’t fret, as this one isn’t actually gender-specific. “Love Is Lonely” is an original single by option4 featuring Rose Quartz that is quite a deep, sad record. This Denver producer put together one extraordinary record that really touches you to your core. For anyone who has had a difficult relationship, you now have a song to express the feelings. The lyrics on this are compelling, and the production is magnificent. option4’s composition is fitting of the emotions of the lyrics, and are still catchy for being such an overcast record. There’s not a whole lot going on, but the counterplay between the sounds that are used is the work of calculated genius. “Love Is Lonely” is one of my personal favorite records of the year so far, it’s just that good. Give it a listen for yourself and download it for free if you’re digging this jam.

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