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[Pop] Powers – Loved By You

Loved By You

Ever cross paths with a song that was just so extraordinarily catchy that you wonder why it hasn’t hit the radio yet? That’s the question you’ll asking yourselves after listening to Powers‘ “Loved By You.” Well, really it’s what you’ll be asking yourselves after listening to any of Powers’ music, for that matter.

Zooming in on “Loved By You,” the mellow song begins with a cool, slowed-down break beat that remains the foundation for the entirety of the song. This is also topped by a sweet, playful layer of melody, which fills in as the backdrop of Crista’s silvery voice. The song is a love ballad that incorporates the popular sounds of today, as well as lyrics so appealing you’ll find yourselves singing it in the shower. Giving off such breezy vibes, the song is 100% summer-friendly and absolutely worth the purchase on iTunes.

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