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Lulleaux & Attizz – On My Lockscreen [TMN Premiere]

Lulleaux & Attizz
On My Lockscreen

Dirty Soul Music has come to the dojo with a new collaboration between Lullaeux and Attizz. In this premiere you get a sneak peak at “On My Lockscreen,” a smooth indie dance record that has radio written all over it. But first, you’ll listen here in the dojo!

Lulleaux & Attizz put together something that’s undoubtedly will connect with anyone who grew up with a cell phone. Everything about this song is memorable, with the vocal performance taking the lead in the catchy category. With the instrumental, we get an interesting composition that is quite simple, until the piano melodies come striking in. It gives the song some added depth to spice things up a bit, not that it was needed. “On My Lockscreen” is going to be at the top of our playlists this Summer and likely will be for you too.

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