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[R&B] Amir Miles x Nxfce – Runaway

Amir Miles x Nxfce

“Runaway” is an uplifting R&B track that comes to us from the Lush Records catalog. More specifically it comes from Amir Miles and Nxface who teamed up on this incredible gem. What makes things even better is this one has been released as a free download.

Amir and Nxface get smooth and sexy on this one. One thing that Lush seems to be able to do with a lot of their releases is find songs that have that underground sound, but still could be applied to the masses on radio. “Runaway” bridges that gap with remarkable songwriting that isn’t tailored to be popular. It just happens to be a smashing track whose sound can be enjoyed by anyone.

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[R&B] Blest Jones – For You (feat. Micah)

Blest Jones
For You (feat. Micah)

Let’s dive right into a Summer R&B jam from Blest Jones and Micah, shall we? Thanks to Lush Records, this fresh tune has come into the fold as a free download, so there’s no sleeping on this one. In his Lush debut, Blest brought the heat.

“For You” is a dynamic single in that it takes you through some different moods throughout the song, but centers in upon a vacation-friendly vibe. A mix of poppy R&B goes along with some hip-hop nuances makes this one single that everybody can love. Blest and Micah weren’t playing around when they were cooking this one up. “For You” would be well worth the purchase price, but luckily they’re celebrating Blest’s debut with a freebie. Thank them, share it around.

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[Pop] SAN – Ultraviolet


As of right now not much is known about SAN. The pop singer just launched his project with an original released called “Ultraviolet” on Lush Records.

“Ultraviolet” is a bit of a genre-blend, with echoes of R&B, pop and electronic music. The mixture sits well, which should come as no surprise given the song was produced by Paul Couture whose work with Xavier White is nothing short of outstanding. The same thing can be said for SAN whose performance on this first release is spectacular. There’s more to come and we’re ready for it. Take a listen to SAN today and prepare yourself for what’s to come.

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[Future Bass] FRSH KEPT – Tell Me

Tell Me

Today we have something to tell you. Well, a few things, but they all revolve around one thing, a new single by FRSH KEPT that’s been released on Lush Records. The beautiful future bass tune is just the right thing you need to kick off the week properly.

“Tell Me” is a gem that is likely to endure given it’s highly emotive sound. FRSH KEPT grabs your attention quickly with a tasteful introduction featuring riveting piano chords and a vocal topline that is nothing short of magnificent. Although the song follows the genre formula, FRSH KEPT knocked this one out of the park, hitting the bullseye on a target that is getting smaller and smaller as so many producers have their hand at the genre. Give it up to FRSH KEPT to keep things – dare we say – fresh.

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[Pop] Xavier White – A Wonder

Xavier White
A Wonder (prod. by Paul Couture)

“A Wonder” sees one of our favorite R&B artists in Xavier White teaming up with Paul Couture yet again for another solid single. This one comes to us through the imprint Lush Records who has backed both of these artist’s work several times before. These three parties are a match made in music heaven.

Usually we get a very edgy, hip-hop meets R&B sound from Xavier. This time around, he brightens things up with a bit of a more pop-centric tone. Wavy and light, “A Wonder” shows a new side to both artists involved, giving us a glimpse of where their sounds can go. We’ve said this many times before and we’ll continue to say it: keep your eyes and ears on Xavier. We can’t stress enough that he’s got what it takes to go to the top.

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[Indie/Electronic] stefan – All In

All In

Lush Records has a debut artist by the name of stefan who’s got something super solid that just came out. Lots of artists over the past several years have tried to deem their own sound this or that, when in reality it’s something that’s already been done, but stefan’s “neofuture” actually holds some weight behind it. Just take his new single “All In” as an example.

When I first heard this, I didn’t know what to call it. It’s a mix of things, definitely centering around future, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on one thing or another. Not that it matters too much, but it’s always nice to describe a sound, even if it’s not perfect (as we ninjas subscribe to genre fluidity rather than boxing things in). However when stefan’s neofuture came to the table, it was the perfect way to describe his eclectic sound, one that is beautifully chill. “All In” has been released as a free download, so there’s no sleeping on this one.

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[R&B] Ronin & Xavier White – Sudden Change

Ronin & Xavier White
Sudden Change

Ronin and Xavier White return for yet another single together. Their track “Sudden Change” was released today through Lush Records, one of New York’s greatest independent labels. Speaking of New York, the two artists who put this one together happen to both be some of New York’s top underground talents.

“Sudden Change” is a sexy tune. We know just how good these two creators are together, but they took things to a whole new place with this one. It’s got that future pop meets R&B sound that not many can pin down like these two have done. With so much music sounding like people are trying too hard for something, it’s nice to hear a genuinely good record that feels that it came about organically. They weren’t trying to be anybody but themselves, which is something we can always count on from each contributor. Stream “Sudden Change” today and grab the free download.

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