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[New] M.I.A. – MATANAGI mix for Kenzo

MATANGI Mix for Kenzo

As fans patiently wait for M.I.A.‘s new album MATANAGI to drop this April, she teases them with a new mix. The track, which serves as a prequel to her upcoming effort, is a collaborative effort with fashion house Kenzo. Mixing some tribal sounds, Hindi chants, heavy drums, the Sri Lankan artist jumps on about 4 minutes into the track and switches up the beat  for a hip-hop mix coupled with a “thankful” rap. Although the track is 8-minutes long, it sounds like a perfect mash-up of multiple songs and rhythms that make for an infectious listen. Check out the dance track below.

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[NEW] M.I.A. – Doobie

Taking the web this past week for the nostalgic #Throwback Thursdays, mega-producer Danja leaked a new track from M.I.A. via Youtube titled “Doobie”. The previously unreleased track, recorded during “Bad Girls”, is a fast-paced synth heavy dance track dedicated to that little plant known for placing people on cloud 9. It is not clear whether this track will be on M.I.A’s upcoming project Matangi, whose release was pushed back for being “too positive”, but this short and infectious track is definitely a banger. Be sure to check it out below.

’M.I.A :: Doobie’
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[Fresh] M.I.A. – Attention

After her controversial performance at last year’s superbowl, M.I.A. has been laying low and relatively quiet with new music. Thanks to her loyal  fans and high demand, the rebellious English artist blessed fans with a new track titled “AtTENTion”. Filled with drums, synths and reggae rips, this computerized leak has an experimental funky sound that M.I.A. is known for. Coupled with her sporadic rhyming, she demands your attention by rhyming almost every line with “-Tent”.  Although it is not clear whether or not this will be on her upcoming effort Matanagi, due next year, be sure to check out the free track below.

’MIA – Attention’
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