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[Music Video] LEViT∆TE & Macntaj – Pins & Needles

“Pins & Needles” takes from LEViT∆TE & Macntaj takes us one step closer to the treasure. What is the treasure you might ask? It’s LEViT∆TE & Macntaj’s highly anticipated EP, Omni. As a visionary producer, LEViT∆TE will blow people away with this project and he’s already got started.

With now hearing the second single from the EP, we’re getting an idea of where things are going for this and we’re excited. “Pins & Needles” is a smash, with a lovable abrasiveness to its style. Not only do we get to hear the track before the EP comes, but we’ve got a striking blood red music video to go along with. Together they pack a mean punch. Check out the video below and grab a copy of the single from digital stores today.

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[Trap] LEVi​T∆TE. – Mecca 001

Over the course of the next few weeks, LEVi​T∆TE. will be teasing fans with episodes of his full length album Mecca. You might be wondering what exactly an episode is, but basically the Seattle producer will be dropping three tracks together each week for four weeks.

This week’s batch is the first. In kicking off the launch of Mecca, LEVi​T∆TE. starts out with “Check It,” a dark plunge into what the rest of the album will bring. “Jungle” comes next with a sound that I have yet to hear before; at least, not at this level of quality. The third single in this episode of Mecca is “Terrible Things” feature Macntaj. The hybrid trap single is more what fans of LEVi​T∆TE. have been used to, but he still manages to take his signature a step further. Stream all three singles today, and grab the free downloads one at a time through the single players!

’LEViT∆TE – Check It’
’LEViT∆TE – Jungle’
’LEViT∆TE – Terrible Things (feat Macntaj)’
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