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[Electronic] Madalen Duke – Gucci Store (Mickey Valen Remix)

Madalen Duke
Gucci Store (Mickey Valen Remix)

“Gucci Store” by Madalen Duke is a one-of-a-kind track. It would make sense that an equally as unique remix of it would come along. We have Mickey Valen to thank for that and whoever chose to commission him for an official flip.

Mickey Valen keeps a similar tone to his remix, but in turning up the hip-hop edge, we gave a hardened take on the song. It still has the poppy elements that the original does, paying homage to them in his own way, but in taking things a bit of a different direction he made it his own. This is essentially how to put together a perfect remix. We instantly recognize the song, but are positively taken back by its new form. Throw this one on repeat and thank us later.

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