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[Future Bass] Manila Killa – All 2 U ft. Sara Skinner (Juuku flip)

manila killa
all 2 u ft. sara skinner (juuku flip)

On some of his best work to date, Juuku steps it up a notch on his take of Manilla Killa’s “All 2 U” featuring Sara Skinner. The future bootleg features a glitched out hook that is both glamorous and sharp while still not being distracting or over layered. I would kill to hear this remix live on some huge speakers with a major sub woofer or even better yet a festival stage with fans all around losing themselves in the music. Juuku is gearing up for a big year and has a ton of new content on the way, including some original music (so stay tuned for that).

Update: he just released this new remix for Teflon Sega and Saint Jhn that also slaps, listen here.

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Saturday Selection Vol. 8

Saturday Selection

Long weekends are way more exciting than they should be. That’s alright though, because we’re back with more tunes from this week! And what a week it was. May has been an absolutely absurd month of quality releases. Let’s hope it stays this way for a while. Enjoy!


Brandon Locher – Slow Steps

As life rushes around and flies by, stress can pile up without you even noticing. Take some time to alleviate it with the newest ambient tune from Brandon Locher. The warmth of “Slow Steps” juggles an ominous, yet comforting atmosphere with an orchestral presence to give the tune a movie score feel. You’ll feel immersed into a different world as soon as you hit play. Given the chance, that’s all we really want to do at a certain point, so enjoy this one when you’re feeling the need to hit the reset button after a long week.


Manila Killa – Youth (Feat. Satica)

Manila Killa has always managed to create music that instantly improves your day. Between Hotel Garuda and this solo project, he never loses his stride, and the Satica-featuring “Youth” adds another definitive tune to his arsenal. With so many variations of pop music, it gets a little strenuous to pin down an exact style for it, but we wouldn’t want to do that anyway. What we do know is the approach Manila Killa and Moving Castle are taking is equally accessible and compelling, marking a shift into a new wave of genre blending.


EMBRZ – Breathe

After what seemed like a long silence, EMBRZ returned to our SoundCloud feed five months ago with the beautiful “Home.” Now we have the equitably gorgeous “Breathe” gracing our ears. Shifting from his usual beat-driven and chilled-out creations, this Irish producer breaks out into his own take on deep house. There’s more to “Breath” than what that genre usually entails, and a major part of that lies with Pat Byrne’s vocals. Taking a path of four on the floor mixed with somber synths may be a switch up for EMBRZ, but he’s demonstrated that he can create something magnificent no matter the style.


Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go?

Following up the massive hit that is “Blue Lights,” Jorja Smith is back with a reflective and soulful mindset. “Where Did I Go?” exercises restraint production-wise to allow Jorja’s vocals to serenade us into a calm demeanor while her lyrics express a sense of vulnerability coupled with contemplation. Without any hesitation, we can say that Jorja Smith deserves all of your attention and then some. Even with only two (known) songs released at the moment, enough statements have been made with this pair of stellar tunes to merit Jorja as a potential breakout artist for this year. We’ll just have to wait and see!


Crywolf – Slow Burn (Elènne Remix)

This remix gave us shivers. Not only from the already emotional Crywolf lyrics, but also from the careful and calculated transformation that Elénne was sure to masterfully orchestrate. “Cataclasm” was an amazing album from front to back, so reshaping and providing a new context for it is a tall order. Elénne is more than qualified to tackle “Slow Burn,” and we got this wonderful remix as a result. Whether or not you were planning on experiencing a cascade of feelings today, listening to this amazing rendition of Crywolf will do it to you. Enjoy that. It’s a good thing.

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[Progressive House] Manila Killa ft. Joni Fatora – All That’s Left (Myles Travitz Remix)

Manila Killa
All That's Left Ft. Joni Fatora (Myles Travitz Remix)

If you’re familiar with the popular artist collective Moving Castle, then you’ve probably a fan of Manila Killa‘s massive hit “All That’s Left”. Featuring lovely vocals from Joni Fatora, the original track is wonderful in every way. To add onto the epicness, a remix pack was just released featuring killer remixes from producers like The M Machine and Yung Wall Street. Myles Travitz‘ version particularly caught our ears, as he goes back to his roots and turned the original track into a progressive house gem. This rework provides us with tasteful synth melodies and a casual dance beat. The piano progression adds to the mix and gives it a delightful vibe, which will make you fall in love with the tune even more.

Myles Travitz once again shows us his versatility and his ability to turn any track into a massive hit. Be sure to check out the rest of remixes if you dig this one, as they each perfectly exemplifies the producer’s sound.

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[Ticket Giveaway] Manila Killa – 7/12 – W Hotel San Diego

Calling all ninjas and ninjettes from San Diego! Are you a fan of Manila Killa? Do you want to attend a fun pool party? Well here’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone. We’re giving away TWO TICKETS to Manila Killa: Summer Sessions at the beautiful W Hotel in downtown San Diego this Sunday afternoon. TMN is thrilled to announce this giveaway and maintain our continued friendship with the Moving Castle crew.

Manila Killa, who is 1/2 of Hotel Garuda and part of the popular Moving Castle Collective, continues to impress with his ever-changing sound and multi-genre style. Having such diversity in his arsenal, the DC artist guarantees a fun time with quality mixes and slick maneuvers. With local support from Sulvida, Primal and Nicky Valentino, SD is about to get real tropical on Sunday. We’ve prepared a playlist from the talented Manila Killa to get you started for this weekend. We hope to see your lovely faces there, so get your bikinis and board shorts ready as we vibe away to your favorite summer jams!

How to enter the contest

1) “Like” us (The Music Ninja) on facebook here:

2) “Like” the Manila Killa on facebook:

3) Comment below this post with what Manila Killa track you want to hear poolside.



’Bearson – Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)’
’Dawn Golden – All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)’
’Tegan and Sara – Walking With A Ghost (Manila Killa Remix)’
’The M Machine – Don’t Speak (Manila Killa Remix)’
’Manila Killa – 2h Du Matin (Ft. Mark Johns)’
’AObeats & Manila Killa & Jai Wolf (ft. Mark Johns) – Diamonds For Breakfast’
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[Chill] Bearson – Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)

Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)

What’s not to love about about Manila Killa? The DC-based producer has been Manila Killing it (excuse the bad pun) as one half of Hotel Garuda, who have put out popular tunes one after another. His rework of Bearson‘s “Pink Medicine” will make you jump up and down in a heartbeat! Drawing inspiration from Bearson’s attention to detail with vocal samples, Manila Killa puts his own spin on the beautiful track and turning it into an electronica-based tune. A future trap beat is put in with some catchy synth-lines, resulting in a sound resembling Odesza‘s. The uplifting track possesses a feel-good vibe that will definitely catch your full attention.

Magic happens when you put Manila Killa and Bearson together. Have a listen to this goodness and it’ll speak for itself. Make sure to grab a free download of the track here!

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[Remix] Flume – Sleepless ft. Jezzabell Doran (Manila Killa Remix)

Sleepless (Manila Killa Remix)
Flume Feat. Jezzabell Doran

21 year old electronic Wunderkind, Flume, has seen his proverbial stock soar to unimaginable heights since an assemblage of his singles went viral in late 2011, the ultra success of his debut album hitting number-one in his native Australia (recently ousting One Direction as a matter of fact) and specifically, the gargantuan success of “Sleepless” featuring vocals from Jezzabel Doran. Since charting one of our favorite purely electronic albums of 2012 with a self-titled LP, “Sleepless” has proven to be a track with which an absurd amount of producers have gotten their hands on the stems and remixed to a near coma. Normally a remix of “Sleepless” wouldn’t grab hold of our Ninja attention span, but today’s offering from D.C. by way of the Phillipines producer Manila Killa, was a production begging not to be overlooked. Quite the eclectic remixer, Manila Killa has touched up a number of contrasting bands and producers. From Coldplay to Chromeo to The xx and now Flume, this young beat savant has shown quite an affinity for the remix game, breathing new life into every one of his impeccable selections. Manila Killa comes at “Sleepless” from a picturesque, “Nu-Gaze” angle and has delivered one of the most pure and catchiest remixes of the Aussie’s classic tune. Download the track, for the price of a ‘Facebook Like’ here, and be on the lookout for more hot sauce from Manila Killa in the not-so-distant future.

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