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[Electronic] Martial Simon & Narissa – 10 To 5

Martial Simon has yet again captured the essence of modern dance music with his latest release, “10 to 5.” Collaborating with Narissa, known for her hit “Boss Bae” and collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, Simon brings a refreshing and innovative sound to the forefront. This new track follows a series of successful releases in 2023, each surpassing 200K streams on Spotify, showcasing Simon’s growing influence in the industry.

“10 to 5” stands out as a narrative-driven electronic piece, exploring the complexities of modern relationships. It delves into the contrast between initial infatuation and the reality of getting to know someone, a theme that resonates with many in today’s fast-paced dating culture. The track presents a vivid depiction of this classic myth versus reality tale, striking a chord with listeners who have experienced similar romantic journeys.

Simon’s signature energetic style blends seamlessly with Narissa’s smooth vocals, creating a unique fusion that transcends traditional genre boundaries. This collaboration results in a sound that is both innovative and familiar, perfectly balancing deep house and tech house elements. The track is designed to captivate club-goers and electronic music enthusiasts alike, with plenty of components built in to fit snug into DJ sets and be played out on dance floors.

Martial Simon’s career, spanning over two decades, is marked by an impressive array of achievements. His label, GET SET Records, and a catalog of tracks like “High In July” and “Lost” have amassed over 8 million streams. His hit “Where My Girls At?” reached the top of the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and received airplay on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. “10 to 5” is a continuation of Simon’s legacy, check out the song for yourself below.

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[Dance-Pop] Martial Simon & MarzVille – Break My Stride

Martial Simon, a New York-based DJ and producer, has recently collaborated with Soca artist MarzVille, putting a new twist on Matthew Wilder’s classic, “Break My Stride.” This collaboration is a natural step in Martial Simon’s career, which spans over two decades and often includes covers, interpolations, alongside originals and remixes.

A long-standing and popular figure in the dance music scene, he’s having yet another outstanding year in 2023, with millions of streams, showcasing his widespread appeal.

Martial Simon’s journey in the music industry is marked by several successful tracks. His work includes popular songs like “High In July,” “Don’t You Forget About Me,” “Lost,” and “Go Bezerk.” These tracks have collectively garnered over 8 million streams and received airplay on numerous radio stations. His single “Where My Girls At?” achieved the number one spot on the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and was featured on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. The man knows the formula for success and isn’t shy about sharing it.

The “Break My Stride” collaboration with MarzVille is an example of Simon’s innovative approach to music. The track is a fusion of electronic music sensabilities and the style of Soca, offering a new take on a well-known song, highlighting both Martial Simon’s and MarzVille’s artistic strengths.

Martial Simon’s career is multi-faceted. From the label, to other business ventures, his personal career, his live events, and beyond. This is a name that carries the weight of professionalism and hard-work along with it. Many could learn from the work-ethic and cleverness that Martial Simon boasts, embodying the analogy of ‘you reap what you sew’ to it’s fullest extent.

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[House] Martial Simon – Turn Down The Lights

2023 has been an extraordinary year for Martial Simon, unlike DJ/producers who are more like a flash in the pan, Simon has carved out a niche for himself as someone who sticks around, having developed a model which fulfills a need within the greater dance scene. This year has seen him add a slew of strong achievements to his already impressive career.

Simon’s, “Turn Down The Lights,” an extension of his larger story. It’s a track that showcases his flair for blending catchy pop vocal melodies and classic electro-pop together in a refreshing manner – a nod to his roots and a glance towards what’s next, striking a balance between the familiar and the future.

Having razzed more than 1.5 million streams just this year, via tunes like “Have A Good Time” and “Go Bezerk,” the one-man show has immortalized one part of a soundtrack to many lives.

Enjoying the fruits of his labor he’s compounded through grinding for years, cultivating his craft, and staying true to his vision, he seems to show no signs of slowing down as 2023 begins to come to a close.

Martial Simon’s has many highlights of the career worth sharing, including gaining a boost via playout on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems as well as ascending to the top of the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart through his music. Stand out singles like “High In July” and “Lost” have not only amassed millions of streams but also secured him airplay on over 200 radio stations. From launching his own label, GET SET Records, to his early days as a New York City DJ, Simon has grown year after year, both behind the decks and in the studio, marking an extraordinary narrative that’s stranger, and more exciting, than fiction.

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[Electronic] Martial Simon – This Is Your Night

In the world of electronic music, where sounds come and go quickly, it’s exciting to discover an artist like Martial Simon who introduces us to a new genre called ‘Nu-Freestyle.’ This genre mixes electronic pop and dance music with both familiar and fresh elements.

Martial Simon has been making great music this year. He’s known for creating a variety of song type and also cleverly combining different sounds. One of his best pieces is “This Is Your Night.” This song combines deep bass and dreamy synths, along with a hauntingly smooth singing.

But what really makes Simon special is how his music makes us feel. His songs are upbeat and positive, but they also have a realness and emotion to them. They stick in our minds long after they’re done playing.

As the second half of 2023 unfolds, we’re excited to see what Martial Simon will do next. He’s showing us a new way of making music with Nu-Freestyle, and it feels like a musical rebirth led by his exciting vision.

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[House] Martial Simon & Trinidad Jame$ – Go Bezerk

New York City producer Martial Simon has teamed up with the iconic veteran Trinidad James for the original smash “Go Bezerk.” Coming to the world via GET SET Records, this deep and driving hit is just what you want to add to your festival playlists as we enter the Spring season.

“Go Bezerk” – as one might imagine – sports an incredibly catchy vocal from Trinidad who is no stranger to taking over minds and ears across the globe. Martial’s club-driven production elevates the song to fantastic heights for an extremely memorable sonic experience that listeners like us will ache for again and again.

’Go Bezerk’ is a Techy Bass House record in collaboration with rapper Trinidad Jame$. His catchy hook overlays a club track with massive buildups, a fat bass line and plucky synths. This record is for the clubs and a packed dance floor!” – Martial Simon

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