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[Glitch Hop] Marvel Years – Anywhere You Want To Go

Marvel Years (Official)
Anywhere You Want To Go

It’s been a while since we’ve posted up a glitch track, but we couldn’t pass up this new one from Marvel Years. “Anywhere You Want To Go” is a straight jam. Released as a free download, this single has a whole lot going on in the best way possible.

Each element of the track flows together without any piece butting heads with each other. From the start we get a striking guitar riff that sets the tone perfectly. From the hard rock sound, we then get whisked away into a bluesy introduction that changes up the tone, but still has that hard edge we started with. With the chorus, or drop as some love to say, we get straight to the glitchy gold. Marvel Years stated this track just sort of flowed out of him, which usually happens when an artist puts together some of their best work. Stream it today and grab the DL.

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