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[Dance-Pop] Martial Simon & MarzVille – Break My Stride

Martial Simon, a New York-based DJ and producer, has recently collaborated with Soca artist MarzVille, putting a new twist on Matthew Wilder’s classic, “Break My Stride.” This collaboration is a natural step in Martial Simon’s career, which spans over two decades and often includes covers, interpolations, alongside originals and remixes.

A long-standing and popular figure in the dance music scene, he’s having yet another outstanding year in 2023, with millions of streams, showcasing his widespread appeal.

Martial Simon’s journey in the music industry is marked by several successful tracks. His work includes popular songs like “High In July,” “Don’t You Forget About Me,” “Lost,” and “Go Bezerk.” These tracks have collectively garnered over 8 million streams and received airplay on numerous radio stations. His single “Where My Girls At?” achieved the number one spot on the Beatport Dance Electro Pop chart and was featured on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems. The man knows the formula for success and isn’t shy about sharing it.

The “Break My Stride” collaboration with MarzVille is an example of Simon’s innovative approach to music. The track is a fusion of electronic music sensabilities and the style of Soca, offering a new take on a well-known song, highlighting both Martial Simon’s and MarzVille’s artistic strengths.

Martial Simon’s career is multi-faceted. From the label, to other business ventures, his personal career, his live events, and beyond. This is a name that carries the weight of professionalism and hard-work along with it. Many could learn from the work-ethic and cleverness that Martial Simon boasts, embodying the analogy of ‘you reap what you sew’ to it’s fullest extent.

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