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[House] Lane 8 – Undercover (feat. Matthew Dear)

Lane 8
Undercover ft. Matthew Dear

In our recent interview with California-bred, Germany-based producer Lane 8, he told us he was looking to put “a foot in the indie world as well as…more in progressive house” and the final single from his debut album does just that. With the help of jack-of-all-tradesĀ Matthew Dear, “Undercover” is an emotionally powerful slowly building song that will draw you in almost immediately. Dear’s vocals paired with some simple, yet atmospheric, keys open the track before percussion really falls in bringing the track from sultry to triumphant seamlessly. Lane 8’s debut album, Rise, officially drops on July 17th and can be pre-ordered here, but is streaming in its entirety over at the New York Times now. Hit the link below to peep the whole thing.

~StreamĀ Rise~

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