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[Artist Feature] Matthew P

Suffolk born folk artist Matthew P has an infectious, catchy style that is unique, and immediately enjoyable. There’s something to be said about an artist that can craft songs that not only take you away from the struggles of everyday life, but also give you a deep and emotionally enriching listening experience as well. Matthew P provides just that. His songs are crafted from the heart with lyrics that just beg to be sung along with a beer in hand.

While Matthew P has been releasing music for the past two years, we feel that his album, Long Straight Lines (out July 16th), is his most spectacular work to date. It’s the type of music that’s perfect for a lazy day with your lover, or a night of drinking with your buddies. While we do have a favorites picked out, we assure you that this album is stellar from top to bottom. Our favorite tunes are as such:

On Top: Slow, rythmic guitar strumming and background vocal harmonies provide a stunning backdrop for Matthew’s uplifting lyrics. If you’ve had a bad day, this is the song to put on.

’Matthew P – On Top’

Little Me Little You: If ever there was an endearing song that makes you want to quit your job, and just have fun with the girl/guy that you love, this is it. One listen through and you’ll quickly pick up on the lyrics and started singing it to one another.

’Matthew P – Little You Little Me’

Hey Lady: The opening piano melody gives this track a playful feel, and the flirty lyrics make it even more fun to listen to.

’Matthew P – Hey Lady’

Feet on the Ground: Another one of those tracks perfect for a bad day. Also another track that you’ll have the lyrics memorized after a few short listens.

’Matthew P – Feet On The Ground’
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