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[Melodic Bass] Hidden Axis & Medyk – Matrix

In an ever-evolving soundscape, few tracks capture the essence of introspection as “Matrix” does. This isn’t just another song; it’s an anthem for those lost in the maze of their own thoughts. Echoing the cinematic realm of its namesake, the track delves deep into the psyche, painting the poignant journey of an individual navigating their personalized ‘Matrix’. It’s a salute to the overly sensitive, the daydreamers, and the overthinkers, wrapping them up with the comforting message: “You are not alone.”

Behind this sonic marvel stands two powerhouses. Julie Yeung, electrifying the Bay Area as Hidden Axis, transitioned from the analytical world of STEM, discovering her pulse in music. Her earlier rhythm, “Better Off Alone”, already showcased her flair, racking up over 264,000 streams. Soon, the Bay Area’s locals will experience her electrifying live sets at the Breakaway Festival – with even more content set to come from her down the line.

For Medyk, with a staggering 9 million streams and tracks featuring on top Spotify playlists, she’s more than just a voice; she’s a movement. Medyk’s music collaborations read like a who’s who of the industry—Slander, ARMNHMR, and Synymata, to name just a few.

Together, in “Matrix”, Hidden Axis and Medyk have fused their individual brilliance, giving listeners more than just beats – they’ve offered an emotional sanctuary like few other songs can.

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