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[Electronic] Meeka Kates – No (feat. Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez)

Meeka Kates
No (feat. Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez) | out now

All we have to say about Meeka Kates‘ single “No” is yes. Released on Boogie Angst, this collaboration with Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a smooth, dreamy delight that is beautiful from start to finish. The captivating sound will give you goosebumps.

“No” doesn’t really follow one single genre format. It’s based in electronic music, but it takes various influence from under the electronic umbrella, as well as elsewhere with Raina bringing her soulful vocal to the table. The indie-driven record is something fans can enjoy even if they’re not fans of electronic music. It’s a timeless tune that can’t be pinned down to one sound. The only thing that can be pinned on it is that it is phenomenal. “No” is currently available on digital platforms for those looking to add it to their library.

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[Electronic] Meeka Kates – Wildfire

Meeka Kates

The European imprint Boogie Angst is back with another amazing release, this time from Meeka Kates. The Netherland’s creator brings his single “Wildfire” to the table, and you better believe it’s a hot one.

Meeka Kates fits with Boogie Angst perfectly, as each party shares the same love of cool, laidback electronic music. With “Wildfire” we get a fun house record that takes from both pop and R&B. This single is not just a simple song either, as it signifies the coming of a debut EP from Meeka, which will be entitled just as this song is, Wildfire. Although this is the only song on his Soundcloud, the full EP is available for purchase currently. On that EP, you will find two other originals, as well as a remix. “Wildfire” as a single should get you interested, as this one is catchy as can be. If you’re not singing it by the end of the week, you’re just not having a good week. This is as good as it gets!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo Playlist (September 2015 Round #1)

Breath in your last breaths of summer air, soak in your last rays of warm sunshine, hold on to every glorious summer memory as best you can. ’cause September is here. And if you ever need a reminder, the Indie Dojo will be right here, holding those songs that soundtracked your summer right here, in the place you last found them.

’Viola Beach – Swings & Waterslides’

’Meeka Kates – Closure’

’Tamper – Red Socks Pugie (Foals Cover)’

’The Palms – Push Off’

’hjaltalin – We Will Live For Ages’

’Shy Kids – ® o c k e t s’

’Yokota – Blindside’
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