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[Indie/Electronic] Midoca – When You’re Around I Become Myself

When You're Around I Become Myself

Midoca has quickly become an artist to keep your eyes glued on. Simply keeping them peeled is not enough to appreciate this indie sensation. With a string of quality, interesting records this year, he continues that thread with “When You’re Around I Become Myself.”

“When You’re Around I Become Myself” is a passionate slow jam that inches along like a flow of delectable musical molasses. It oozes with Midoca’s tender, yet complex emotions that play together with ease. Midoca has a style all his own and its on full display with this gem. Get your copy of it today.

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[Electronic] Midoca – Heaven


When we think of Midoca, generally we don’t think about Heaven. That’s no offense to him, because his music and visuals could be described as heavenly, but with a dark distorted twist to it. However, the LA creator makes his return to Lowly Palace with “Heaven.”

As far as Midoca tracks go, “Heaven” is one of the more, if not the most, upbeat of his records. He takes a slightly different tone, but instead of copping out on an all out happy go lucky record, he delivers his own unique sound with a hint of uplifting tonality. It keeps with his signature while also being a cool change of pace. It may not be the Heaven you’re used to, but you’ll want it in your digital library all the same.

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[Electronic] Midoca & badXchannels – I’m Sorry I’m Gone

Midoca & badXchannels
I'm Sorry I'm Gone [Lowly Palace]

Midoca has been killing it lately with superb videos – and of course with great music. We’ve generally seen him roll the solo route, but now we’ve got a collaboration with badXchannels on our hands. Released through Lowly Palace as his label debut, “I’m Sorry I’m Gone” is an indie electronic gem that sees both talents bring their A game. It’s a beautifully dark record that you can’t help but to play over and over again. Another incredible record in the books for these two. Add it to your library today!

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[Music Video] Midoca – I Don’t Want To Leave

Midoca has been on a hot streak as of late with a few superb releases that come with music videos. He continues that streak with “I Don’t Want To Leave” that also comes with a stunning visual counterpart as has seemingly become custom.

“I Don’t Want To Leave” will have you sticking around Midoca for a long time to come, if you’re not stuck like us already. It’s a majestic indie record with a cerebral, intoxicating tone. With the video we see Midoca step away from the natural landscapes that were central to his previous videos. We’re loving the progression of his music and can’t wait to hear more. We’re guessing you’ll feel the same.

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[Music Video] Midoca – The Feeling Is Gone

One of the more intriguing artists we’ve had our eyes and ears on as of late has been Midoca. With his music and videos he’s ensnared us in his creative web and we’re not looking to escape anytime soon.

His latest release is the indie electronic crossover “The Feeling Is Gone” that is sure to conjure up some heavy emotions despite its name. This record is almost therapeutic in tone, but in a cathartic way of letting something meaningful go. With the music video it does a wonderful job of translating that tone over to the visual medium. It’s a simple idea set upon awesome landscapes that pull you in. Yet again Midoca has stricken us with his talents.

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[Music Video] Midoca – Something In The Way

The up and coming creator Midoca out of LA has just released a music video for his new single “Something In The Way” that just might clear a path for him to the top. With this emotive musical/visual package Midoca offers up his most tantalizing project to date in honor of one of the greatest bands of all time, Nirvana.

“Something In The Way” in its audio form is a brooding, cerebral phantasm of shadowy tones and textures. It’s gloomy mood infiltrates your body and gives you chilled, lasting goosebumps. The video does much of the same, pushing mystifying imagery into your eyeballs that stick to the screen as though they were glued. Overall the video is very simple, but sometimes – including this time – there’s extraordinary power in its minimalism. If you’re looking to get a copy of “Something In The Way” then head on over to the digital platform of your choice.

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Saturday Selection Vol. 1

Saturday Selection

We are VERY excited to be introducing a brand new segment here at The Music Ninja! Saturday Selection was created for multiple purposes. From hitting the high points of the releases from the week prior, to exploring an artist or label more in depth, we’re looking to fill your weekend with even more great music than before. There’s no genre hindrances. There’s no boundaries. It all starts with five songs. You won’t want to miss this. Let’s dive in!

NVDES – The Other Side

NVDES showed up out of nowhere about ten months ago, and it’s a great thing that they did. Incredibly upbeat indie can somewhat seem like a saturated sound, but this LA-based band keeps it just weird enough to find and own their unique voice. It’s about that time to enjoy the nice weather again, and you’ll want to have the newest by NVDES in your playlist rotation.

Midoca – Tell Me Your Lies (Feat. Dark Waves)

It’s such a relief to have Midoca back. He’s crafted his own sort of electronic pop that doesn’t shy away from brooding topics or heavy and dramatic production. There’s an understanding within his writing and music that resonates on an intangible level when dealing with the fact that everything isn’t meant to be super happy all of the time. And that’s a good thing. He capitalizes on emotion, and Dark Waves is a perfect complement for “Tell Me Your Lies” when it comes to demonstrating gravity in electronic music.

PUSHER – Clear (ft. Mothica)

With an upcoming EP on the way, PUSHER decided to grace us the first single off of the project that features the heavenly voice of Mothica along with his infectious and bright production. His history of remixes speaks for itself, and his originals reflect several influences from some of the best new names in bass music. “Clear” is quite the first taste of his new project, as he trades in some of his larger sounds for a tightened down creation that shows he can bend his novel approach into whatever he pleases.

Atlas Bound – Softer Still

These two are so ridiculously smooth. Atlas Bound‘s second helping off their debut EP continues their winning streak of laidback electronic soul that just feels good every time you hit play. “Softer Still” relies on a sublime balance of live instruments and electronic production chops that is slowly but surely becoming more common as many artists began to expand their sound. And that is a GREAT thing. Keep yours ear open for their EP and enjoy this slick new tune for a nice break during your afternoon.

Moon Bounce – Wingman

The latest addition to the Activia Benz Singles Club comes to us courtesy of Moon Bounce, and it is an absolute trip. There’s something addicting about this tune as it bounces all over the place with a jovial and carefree attitude, thumping drums, and an absurdly catchy groove that punches right through your speakers. It may be short, but it’s certainly sweet. The London-based Activia Benz never fails to show that they enjoy every song they release, and Moon Bounce certainly added more fun to their particularly boisterous mesh of club and pop music.

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