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[Trap] Snoof – Warning (Feat. Mikey Ceaser)


Snoof and Mikey Ceaser expressed a “Warning” that every one needs to pay attention to. Their original single together is a hybrid trap treasure that any and all bassheads can congregate under.

For anyone that has a heard Mikey Ceaser before, you know he always brings the fire, but here he gets things especially hot. The same goes for Snoof whose production is a dazzling display of dirty bass tones. It’s one of those songs that when it drops you instantly without hesitation get your bass face going with a follow up of your favorite expletive. “Warning” is out now, so if you’d like a copy, grab one from Beatport today.

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[Trap] Mikey Ceaser – Carried Away (Prod. Grabbitz & Ray Volpe)

Mikey Ceaser
Carried Away (Prod. Grabbitz & Ray Volpe)

Chances are you will get “Carried Away” with listening to Mikey Ceaser‘s new single. The trap single is better than any hip-hop you’ll find on the radio, thanks to Mikey’s fire rhymes and the instrumental created by the electronic heavyweights Grabbitz and Ray Volpe.

Sometimes when electronic producers recruit a rapper or vice versa, the performances can be a bit lackluster, instead of each act amplifying the other. In the case of “Carried Away,” everyone exponentially strengthens each other with the result being one of this year’s dopest records. Grabbitz and Ray’s hybrid instrumental is top shelf; these two together are something special. Add Mikey Ceaser on top with his party-starting performance and you have a recipe for more than just success. This tune would be worth any purchase price a digital store could charge, but instead the three acts are giving this one out for free.

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