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[Electronic] Milk Face Mixes + Bonus tracks

Why do I like Milk Face so much you ask? Because of their filthy dj sets Midge keep sending over.

If you live in Shoreditch, East London, check out club 333 every first Saturday of the month. We will bring you the live set of Saturdays show next week.

If you missed our previous post, I have included both Dirty Electro Mixes below:

Midge’s set Milk Face – 5th December 2009Read Full Post

’Milk Face’

Milk Face set Milk Face – 1st August 2009Read Full Post

’Milk Face’


Bonus: A couple of electronic tracks we have been digging lately, if those mixes don’t fill you up

Klaas – The Way To Go (Herve Remix)

’The Way To Go (Herve Mix).mp3′

Mustard Pimp – RER C (Versailles Rive Gauche Edit)

’RER C (Versailles Rive Gauche Edit).mp3′

The Bloody Beetroots Vs Jay Sinificance “Cornelius”


Shab Ruffcut & Tee Ski – I’m Walking (Lee Mortimer Remix)

’Im Walking (Lee Mortimer Remix).mp3′
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