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Fish From Japan – Dirty City Nights EP [TMN Premiere]

Fish From Japan are returning with the Dirty City Nights EP, and the first listen is coming to the world from the ninjas. Their house roots are doused in sultry disco vibes. With two tracks that play off each other this good, there are not many other one-two punches that are as strong as these. Misshapen is the imprint that backed Dirty City Nights.

The EP starts off with the title track, which keeps things more disco than the second single “Crying Out.” The vocal is simply luscious, and the smooth production has us ninjas grooving much harder than we usually do when we get some juicy house. “Crying Out” has a slightly different mood to it than the first single, but it still shares the intoxicating vocal and crisp basslines. Out of the two, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but comment with which you dig more!

’FIsh From Japan – Dirty City Nights (Original Mix)’
’Fish From Japan – Crying Out (Original Mix)’
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