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[Electronic] Jai Wolf – Like It’s Over (feat. MNDR)

Jai Wolf
Like It's Over feat. MNDR

The rise of Jai Wolf continues. His debut EP, Kindred Spirits, has finally been announced, and today marks the first sampling of this highly anticipated project with “Like It’s Over”. The Moving Castle and Foreign Family Collective member truly has fine-tuned his sound into a genuine and organic exploration of emotive lyrics delivered by impressive features and a penchant for catharsis that is masterfully built within his ethereal production. MNDR provides a resounding vigor that expertly complements the thrilling instrumentation and elevates the song to a completely new level while, at the same time. showcasing her impressive range. Needless to say, if you weren’t planning on getting emotional any time soon, that’s probably about to change.

Jai Wolf creates music that gives you hope. He’s done it previously, and he’ll continue to do it with Kindred Spirits. Even as we navigate through difficult times, songs such as “Like It’s Over” provide us with an opportunity for an unbridled feeling that everything truly can be alright, which is tough to come by some days. Thank you for that, Jai Wolf.

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[Electro Pop] TOKiMONSTA – Go With It ft MNDR

Driven by a combination of drum sounds, synths, and computerized sounds effects, LA native producer TOKiMONSTA returns today with a new single titled “Go With It”. This infectious dance number mixes an eclectic collection of sounds as backdrop for the smooth vocals of singer MNDR to deliver a catchy single. It has been awhile since we heard new material from either of the two artists and this airy gem is a definitely an answer to fans’ prayers. TOKiMONSTA has been capitalizing on the synth-pop sound and her buzz keeps growing on the underground. It is only a matter of time before she starts getting a lot more attention for her upcoming effort Half Shadows, dropping April 2nd. Be sure to listen to the eccentric sound below.

’TOKiMONSTA – Go With It ft. MNDR’
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[Fresh] MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds

Singer Amanda Warner, aka MNDR, has been a rising dance-pop star since her feature-stealing guest appearance on Mark Ronson’s “Bang Bang Bang” and club-friendly EP E.P.E. Today she leaked her latest single “Feed Me Diamonds” from her upcoming debut album of the same name. This Peter Wade produced track is a step away from the dance floor and takes on a darker tone by adding a heavy bass chord emphasized by Warner’s haunting voice. Drawing inspiration from the story of Marina Abramovic’s father’s death and the stories of assassinated monarchs, in which, it was believed that many were slowly killed by being fed small doses of diamonds which eventually caused severe internally bleeding within the G.I. tract. Not exactly great to be the king or wealthy, but the ironic title of the track reflects the darker and more industrial tone of the pop record. Feed Me Diamonds is slated to drop later this summer on August 14th via Ultra Music.

’MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds’
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