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NEOTEK’s journey is one of relentless pursuit and passion for bass music. Emerging from the vibrant Australian scene, the solo talent has honed his craft through countless performances at festivals and clubs. His partnership with Create Music Group has allowed him to expand his reach, delivering epic sets and building a loyal following. NEOTEK’s path reflects an artist deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of his sound.

His accolades speak volumes. NEOTEK’s cover of “Sweater Weather” has amassed over 3 million streams, showcasing his ability to reinterpret and innovate. The collaboration with Sippy on “Bone Breaker” has also garnered over 1 million streams, something that’s hard to skip over. With upcoming performances at Excision’s Lost Lands festival, NEOTEK is staged for greater heights. His social media, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, has propelled his music to viral status, one part of a greater whole of his growth story.

The forthcoming single, “ON TOP OF IT,” is a example to NEOTEK’s evolving artistry. The track features high-energy breakdowns and mind-bending drops, anchored by a compelling vocal hook.

See for yourself directly below.

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[Bass] Meet NEOTEK: Master of Cyberpunk Soundscapes

NEOTEK, a visionary bass music producer from Australia, crafts a sound that transcends the ordinary. His identity is rooted in a cyberpunk and synth-wave aesthetic, giving his music a distinct futuristic edge. NEOTEK’s journey is one of artistic devotion, where each beat and bassline tells a story of innovation and passion.

The accolades NEOTEK has garnered speak volumes about his influence in the bass scene. With support from giants like Steve Aoki, Zeds Dead, and ILLENIUM, his tracks have become anthems within the community. His international presence includes shows at Red Rocks, EDC, Okeechobee, and Lost Lands, establishing him as a formidable force on stage. Spotify streams exceeding four million and features on BBC Radio 1 and Triple J, are no easy feat to accomplish.

NEOTEK’s collaborations are milestones in his career. “Unison” with Ruvlo, “F2B” with Hydraulix, and a track with Sippy showcase his versatility. “Sweater Weather,” with over 2 million Spotify streams, and editorial playlist features, solidify NEOTEK as a leading name in the bass music world.

Keep your eye on this one, this solo DJ/producer is going places.

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