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[Breakbeat] Jackal x Dr. Fresch – Netflix N Kill

Jackal X Dr. Fresch

Buygore has no shortage of bangers. Neither do Jackal or Dr. Fresch who teamed up for the Buygore record “Netflix N Kill.” Right off the bat, you know you’re in for something special with this song. The introduction goes by in a flash, despite it’s generally average length of a minute, and then you are met with a savage drop that takes the best parts of several styles and puts them together in one composition. With a screeching synth, some bass growls and crafty percussion, these producers put together a complete beast. Live, I can only imagine what kind of destruction this causes to a crowd. Whether you are a dancer, or just a headbanger, “Netflix N Kill” is the track for you. With the second drop, they switch things up for a bit by cutting time on the percussion to bring some trapstyle vibes that make for a nice shift in energy. You’re gonna want to get a copy of this from Beatport, 100%.

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