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Mksmth – No Sleep feat. Plænet Wün [TMN Premiere]


If you lose those precious Z’s from this premiere, we’re sorry. Mksmth‘s new single “No Sleep” will keep you up all night with its pleasureful pop sound. The artist’s collaboration with Plænet Wün is the first original release and we’re proud to present it here first in the dojo!

“No Sleep” kicks things into gear with a strong vocal performance that sets the tone for the rest of the song, as is for many pop hits. However, this dance-pop hybrid isn’t so straightforward as it sports a focus on the instrumental with a “drop” and subsequent phase whose goal is solely to get you moving. Mksmth and Plænet Wün work magnificently well together, with their sounds blending without blemishes. The subtle moombah flavor added to the mix does make for a nice touch as well. Get your first listen to “No Sleep” today and stay tuned for more music from both acts later this year.

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