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[Music Video] DiRTY RADiO – Numbers


Vancouver trio DiRTY RADiO have been becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music scene over the past year. A few months ago they released one of their biggest singles yet in “Numbers.” Now, they’ve put together a simple, yet striking visual partner to the already enticing song that many have already purchased from iTunes. Although there’s no need to buy the music video, if you had to, it would be worth it.

“Numbers” is an all-around great record. Electronic music aficionados will get down to it, but it also is right up the alley of indie and pop lovers, making it quite a versatile track. With the music video, we get an array of images centered around what I presume to be the streets of their hometown, where the trio are jamming out the song, with cuts to some lovely ladies to shake things up a bit. On top of what was filmed, an animator took hold of the project and added another dimension to it that really adds a lot of power to the project. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some DiRTY RADiO.

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