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[Electronic] On Planets – Personal Space EP

If Majestic Casual releases a project, the right thing to do is check it out. Recently they pushed out an EP called Personal Space from Vancouver’s own On Planets. If you’re someone like us that likes when genres blend, then this EP is going to be right up your alley. With four tracks On Planets shows us why he’s among the most creative Canadians.

Personal Space is simply magical. The entire project has On Planets bringing together the indie style with sounds from future bass to create something that fans of both can enjoy together. It’s a perfect balance of each; depending on your tastes you may call it one thing or another because of it’s hybrid nature and accessibility. This is the kind of stuff that really has potential to take an electronic act such as On Planets to the top of the industry without so much controversy (looking at you Chainsmokers). Enjoy Personal Space today and get a copy through digital services.

’On Planets – First Tour’
’On Planets – Cure’
’On Planets – Too Bad / So Sad’
’On Planets – Chapter ft. Luca Fogale’
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