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[Trap] JayKode X Party Thieves – Origin

JayKode X Party Thieves

JayKode and Party Thieves are two of dance music’s premiere producers, and they have recently come together to prove without a doubt that they mean business. Together they turn up an aggressive original called “Origin,” a hybrid trap anthem that takes the best of both dubstep and trapstyle and mixes them into one incredible production. “Origins” also has classical elements worked into its ripe soundscapes for a complete and udder beast of a record. Buygore Records got their hands on this release, as it is right up their alley.

2016 is going to be filled with some high quality songs, but at the end of the year, don’t be surprised when this one sticks around. JayKode and Party Thieves, we thank you for this work, and we love you. The next drink we have will certainly be for your excellence. And the next time we turn up, this will definitely be one of the first tracks we throw on. For fans that want to take this monstrosity home with them like we did, head over to Beatport.

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