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[Electronic] Otto Botté – Rocola De Verano (feat. Rochee)

Otto Botté
Rocola De Verano (feat. Rochee)

Get your dancing shoes on, we’ve got something saucy to share with you. “Rocola De Verano” is the debut single by Otto Botté featuring Rochee. This Latin-infused original is about as fun as you can get. You’ll get the idea from the very start of the track.

Right from the get-go you get pulled into the funky landscape. It’s got a cool tone to it, something that a lot of artists try for but can’t achieve with their music or brand as a whole. Otto Botté smooth confidence makes for a work of art that speaks across cultures despite its central influence. After you have a listen through and are seduced by the sexy tones, get a copy of the track from iTunes.

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