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[Dubstep] Ray Volpe – Overflow


The young stud Ray Volpe is currently making moves. He’s always been making great records, but now the next phase in his journey has begun. He’s been picked up by the good people over at Slvyvll, and just released his first record since being signed to his new management. That single is “Overflow.”

One thing that may be overflowing soon are requests for more Ray Volpe, whether it be for his music on the internet, or in real life via shows. With “Overflow” we get Ray’s classic sound, an upbeat, emotional work of dubstep that the he even lends his own vocal to. An all around talent, Ray is someone who is going to be doing some really big things over the course of 2017. Personally, it’s been a pleasure seeing him grow for so long, and we wish only the best to him. For those of your reading, do yourself a favor and follow this dude. Secondly as far as favors go, Ray went ahead and did you a solid by dropping this as a free download.

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