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[Indie-Pop] Pagu & Chloe Moser – You Always Do

When Pagu, known off-stage as Jonah Tatum, dropped his single “You Always Do,” it wasn’t just a song, it was a statement. This new track, tinged with a bittersweet essence, features the harmonious vocals of both Pagu and Chloe Moser, painting a soundscape that fuses indie-pop with electronic nuances.

Hailing from the sunny realms of the Florida panhandle, Pagu is not just another American recording artist. He’s a technologist, a funny man, and an emblem of audacious self-expression. What sets him apart is his mirthful approach to music, leaning into memes and a breezy attitude that’s irresistibly infectious. In an industry inundated with self-seriousness, Pagu’s penchant for humor is like a breath of fresh air.

His artistry doesn’t end with music. As a DIY paragon, Pagu is actively involved in every corner of his craft. From meticulously programming to designing every pixel of his online presence, he ensures his vibrant artistic ethos is echoed everywhere. This deep-rooted involvement shapes an unforgettable live experience for fans, with anthemic choruses and unparalleled visuals.

In Pagu’s universe, humor dances with creativity, challenging norms and cheering on self-expression. So, dive deep, laugh out loud, and let Pagu’s melodies invite you to a realm where artistry and authenticity reign supreme.

In 2023, Pagu has some surprises in store. Following a series of shows this year, he’s embarking on the ‘Dream Forest’ tour alongside some pals. Check out a location near you below.


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