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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2020 Round #2)

’Khamari – The Heat’
’Conrad Siang – Summertime’
’badmonsham – Jumpin’ in the Rain’
’Collin Selman – ETC.’
’Patrick Watson – Drive’
’Jelani Blackman – Tricky’
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[New] Patrick Watson- Into Giants

“We started as lovers, don’t know where it’s gonna end” sings Patrick Watson on his fresh new single “Into Giants”. The song is warm and uplifting, touching on the way the world feels when you’re with someone special and all the ways that people can grow together. The instrumentation on the track is just as inspired as the lyrical content, combining upbeat drum patterns with finger style guitar, and a voice that sounds almost like a more energetic Bon Iver. Add catchy horn parts and big vocal harmonies to the formula and you have a feel good brand of poppy folk music that only Patrick Watson can deliver.

The groups new album, Adventures In Your Own Backyard, is set for release on April 17th in Canada and May 1st in the U.S. from Domino/Secret City records.

Patrick Watson has “Into Giants” for FREE download HERE.

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