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[Mixtape] Danny Seth – Perception

If the name Danny Seth holds no meaning to you, now’s the time to get familiar. A British invasion on the hip-hop front has seemed imminent for a few years now, but there’s always seemed to be a cultural barrier preventing any UK artists from truly being able to break through. With up-and-comers like Seth and Little Simz knocking on the door–and Skepta finally reaching a new audience stateside thanks to a co-sign from Drake–2015 seems like the year they finally cross over. This brand new project by Danny Seth hopes to be the first step in altering your Perception of UK rap.

Perception is an album three years in the making from a young emcee who hopes to share his unique narrative of moving from London to L.A. in pursuit of musical success. It’s rare to see an artist dedicate such a long period of time into crafting their debut effort, but that kind of dedication and patience has certainly paid off. Danny does a stellar job of merging American and British styles throughout the 17 track effort. His rhymes are often witty and playful as he fearlessly tackles brash, aggressive and haunting instrumentals throughout much of the project while also showing a softer touch on toned-down records like “Danny Darling” and “On This Trip”. The refinement on Perception is clear from start to end, and the album establishes the UK native as a true force to be reckoned with. Take a listen for yourself below and it’ll be clear to you that Danny has all the tools necessary to be an extremely successful figure in the rap game.

DOWNLOAD: Danny Seth – Perception


’Danny Seth – Monumental (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – How I Dream (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – I Arise Because (Prod. Ducko Mcfli & Jgramm)’
’Danny Seth – T.I.O.T.E. Feat. Collard (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – Never Forget Feat. Jimmy Johnson (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – Our City Feat. Louis Mattrs (Prod. MD$ & Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – I I (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – Stay Feat. Su Bviley & Jace Of Retrosushi (Prod. MD$ & Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – With Me (Prod. MD$ & Fwdslxsh)’
’Danny Seth – On This Trip Feat. Cassow & PJ (Prod. Zach Nahome & MD$)’
’Danny Seth – Past / Forever Feat. David Stewart (Prod. Zach Nahome Vs. MD$ Vs. Sevn Thomas)’
’Danny Seth – > (Prod. MD$)’
’Danny Seth – Danny Darling (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – Be (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – Safe (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – Remember (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
’Danny Seth – Homecoming (Prod. Zach Nahome)’
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