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[Pop] Amy Cohen – Playing Games

The Boston beauty Amy Cohen, who some may recognize from her amazing covers, is taking a new step in her career. We hope the covers continue, but we’d be okay if she just stuck with her own original material. Such original material has come forward in the form of her debut single “Playing Games.”

This single melds R&B and pop to a perfect degree. With a unique, future-tinged instrumental, “Playing Games” has a little something for everybody. Amy shows off her songwriting skills in full form, while flexing the voice that so many have fallen in love with. As 2017 begins to die down, look for Amy to make a huge splash. Lastly, one of our favorites Rad Cat produced this one!

“Playing Games touches on the push/pull power dynamic we see so often in today‚Äôs relationships, emphasizing how simple it all could be if we just swallowed our pride and gave in to what we want.”
– Amy Cohen

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